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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a gun found in a locker leaves a school on did and as parents asking tough questions of school administrators. good morning. thanks for being with us on this thursday, december 6. i am pamela brown. >> i am cynne simpson. we want to get a look at our forecast would jacqui jeras. cooling off. >> definitely have to change what you are wearing today because temperatures are much colder. we are talking 36 at reagan national, 30 at dulles, 28 in winchester and gaithersburg, 25 degrees in frederick. how much colder than yesterday want --- between 25 and 30
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degrees colder. 29 degrees colder in quantico. that is a shock to the system. mostly sunny skies today. 36 degrees at 9:00, 44 at noon, high temperature in the mid to upper 40's. now, traffic would jamee whitten. >> good morning. it was a busy overnight. things are calming down. beltway in bethesda, looking okay. incidents involving a tractor- trailer with the far right lane blocked before the exit for 270. the beltway 201, in the loop construction has been wrapped up leaving college park.
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outer loop still has some construction. the cautious approach in any construction site. virginia beltway on schedule. northbound 95 out of newington, quiet. back to you. >> thank you. let's turn to the developing story on the outer beltway. a tractor-trailer has overturned at the 270 spur. they will need to turn it up right. we are told it's likely to take well into the rush hour. we will continue to monitor this. >> one person went to the hospital with minor injuries after a fire at a luxury condominium complex in alexandria. the fire started around 12:30 in the unit on south washington street, south of old town. one apartment had severe damage. residence were briefly evacuated.
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no word on the cause. >> students will return to a fairfax county school after a frightening discovery. parents were told a gun was found inside a student's locker at robinson secondary school. >> this seventh grader had his school day interrupted with an alarming announcement. >> they found a gun in a locker. >> a handgun on school grounds in a student's locker. >> i would not think that would happen. i'm glad they found it. >> administrators are not saying what led them to search the student's locker, but a junior heard it was the students friend who alerted the authorities. >> possibly a freshman had a gun in his locker and another student knew about it and told administrators. >> an e-mail from the principal attempted to calm any concerns saying --
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but melissa leonard learned of it from just. >> i'm surprised the school did not contact the parents. i got calls about picking up produce orders but nothing about this going on. >> weapon was quickly confiscated. school spokesperson said there was never any imminent danger. >> i did not think it would happen, but i'm happy they found it. the school is doing their job. >> as far as disciplinary action, it is cool policy for anyone found with a weapon on campus to be automatically suspended for 10 days with the possibility of expulsion for year. in fairfax, autria godfrey. >> investigators are deeper suspects in a brazen explosive crime in after virginia credit union on shelton boulevard. the atm machine is still intact.
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the blast was powerful enough to set off car alarms at a nearby complex and wake up a lot of people. >> it was a large bankg. >> i thought a gas line had exploded. >> nothing you would expect. >> a witness spotted the suspect from a distance. a surveillance camera saw the suspect as well. >> at least five people have been killed and hundreds injured outside egypt's presidential palace. supporters and opponents of the president's word off since the latest crisis erupted. the two sides have been throwing rocks and firebombs at each other. he gave himself nearly absolute power. he has not backed down, pushing for a constitutional referendum. >> the germangermany oppose the capital is looking to send patriot missiles to 30fight against
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the syrian regime. several middle eastern nations have offered him asylum if he steps down. >> marriage licenses will be issued in several maryland counties today and for same-sex couples. some counties have confirmed they will begin issuing licenses today, including anne arundel frederick, and montgomery. maryland maine, and washington became the first states to pass a same-sex marriage by popular vote. the washington state same-sex marriage law takes effect today. the governor signed the law wednesday night during a ceremony at the state capitol. there's a three-day waiting period. >> professional hockey returning
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to verizon center tonight for one night. ahl showcase. tickets are sold out before the game. it's at 7:00 p.m. there are signs ice could be sawing between players and owners in the 82nd day of the lockout. -- ice thawing. talks will continue today. the work stoppage has wiped out all games through december 14 as well as new year's day, the winter classic, and the all-star game. >> facebook's rivalry with twitter deepens and hundreds of jobs are on the chopping block. >> linda bell has more. >>--ellen braitman . >> citigroup will cut 11,000 workers worldwide.
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other banks will have cuts next year as well. let's talk fiscal cliff. the median prediction is 1.5 million jobs may be lost next year including 110,000 in the defense industry if lawmakers fail to come up with an agreement soon. let's talk about the rivalry between twitter and facebook. twitter says users are experiencing issues with viewing instagram photographs. facebook looking at purchasing the service, driving traffic to its own website. a 13-year-old girl thinks the classics easy-bake oven should be marketed to boys as well. and wonder bread/host this may have a buyer -- hostess.
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>> we will talk to you soon. still to come, an online business has turned into a court battle in fairfax county. >> and a boost for those
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>> president obama has declared d.c. a disaster area, opening up federal money to help cover emergency work and repairs from the storm. and to protect against future disasters. chris christie expected to be in d.c. today pressing for more aid following hurricane sandy. the new jersey governor wants full federal reimbursement for some storm-related cost. debris removal may not be able to continue unless fully reimbursed. >> it's 35 degrees. very cold this morning. >> especially compared to last several days. >> you definitely want to dress appropriately for the weather today. the last couple days you probably were in short sleeves by the afternoon. but today you need a long sleeves. you need to bundle up. we have clear skies overhead, so it will end up being beautiful. we have more clouds approaching from the west. that will move in late tonight.
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temperatures this morning between 25 degrees and 30 degrees colder than yesterday morning, so you feel the difference. 30 degrees at dulles, 27 in gaithersburg, 30 in culpeper. our forecast, mostly sunny. cooler than average, by a good 5 degrees or so. 41-46 degrees. it's going to be unchanged for the weekend, warming up. chance of rain sunday and monday. -- there will be a change for the weekend. >> for everyone coming northbound 95, in springfield they are in the process of opening all the hov date. give it a few minutes. hov-- hov gates. northbound 95 in quantico on the left side there is debris that
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people are swerving around. if you leave anytime soon, watch out for that. construction still on the maryland beltway at 201 kenilworth avenue. we still have construction crews out, so be careful. don't go too fast. past connecticut avenue, no delays ahead. but a tractor-trailer is in the right lane at the exit for 270. >> coming up, a local community dealing with criminals targeting their wheels. >> and a judge weighs in on a battle that goes
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>> welcome back. thursday morning. an overturned tractor trailer could cause problems on the outer loop of the capital beltway. it flipped over just after the 270 spur bethesda. no word on when that may reopen. police are looking for answers after a gun was found at a fairfax county school. authorities questioned a robinson secondary school students after the weapon was found in a locker. students were never in any imminent danger. same-sex couples in several
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maryland counties may begin picking up marriage licenses today in montgomery frederick and anne arundel. same-sex weddings cannot take place until january 1. >> investigators need help to find people stealing wheels from cars in arlington. nearly six incidents in recent weeks. crimes happened in south arlington and near the pentagon road shopping district. discarded cinderblocks are a reminder for people unaccustomed to such a crime. >> it is a pretty safe neighborhood so i'm surprised. kind of scary. >> who is what else they would do it? it's investigators don't have much to go on. they say the crimes happen late at night. they believe it's at least two suspects. >> we know the identity of a man killed in a house fire in northwest. jeffrey nedoroscik was the chief compliance officer for the
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united states agency for international development. he spent time in egypt and wrote two books about his experiences. because of the fire remains under investigation. >> a bad online review of a contractor landed a woman in fairfax county court. the contractor suing for defamation after she criticized his work on web sites yelp. there was a heated day in court. >> for the past year and a half this is the day christopher dietz has been waiting for. >> to be able to say i was right and true prevailed, it's a great feeling. >> the decision stems from internet postings following work that he did on this town home in fairfax county owned by jane press. in june 2011 she hired his company for the job. she claims it was awful, doors off the hinges, the window work scuffed floors. she aired her grievances on
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yelp and angieslist. in addition she accused him of stealing her jewelry and trespassing. >> she should have a right to explain her interaction with the contractor >> . she removed her post from yelp on her own, but the judge is allowing deposed on angieslist to remain. but she must remove allegations about the jewelry theft and about legal action against him. >> if it's true, that's fair. but when it's not true, that's not fair. >> she definitely pull the troops. >> it might be true or not. >> i don't put too much weight on one bad review if overall reviews are good. >> 7 is on your side with tough action against a baby food maker. the third time in 11 years the consumer product safety
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commission is suing the company who makes nap nanny. the baby recliner is defective and can kill an infant. five babies have died. they want the company to notify the public about the defects and offer a full refund. the manufacturer claims it is safe when used according to directions. >> 20 days until the fiscal cliff. there's a possibility if the white house and congressional leaders could resume negotiations. president obama call don banner to discuss ways to avert this. congress's joint economic committee will hold. today on how the fiscal cliff could affect the middle class economic growth, and the deficit. >> it's 35 degrees on this thursday morning. next, an unusual decision by judge. >> which of two people with a criminal past deserved to go to annapolis to represent prince george's county?
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greg good morning and welcome back. right now we are little busy on the maryland beltway. not seeing any delays for now but prepare for the morning rush-hour. this is footage from a tractor- trailer that overturned loaded with boxes of pineapples. leaving college park and to 270
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the right lane will be blocked the entire morning rush hour. they're waiting for a truck to offload the boxes. john gonzalez will have more details later. but the right lane will be blocked through the morning rush hour. after 9:00 we will try to get that back on its wheels. how about the forecast? >> 36 degrees. it is cold this morning. the big chill has returned to the metro area. you can feel the difference with the north wind at 13 miles an hour. 30 degrees at dulles, 27 in gaithersburg. 28 degrees in hagerstown, 23 in frederick. temperatures between 25 degrees and 35 degrees colder than this time yesterday morning. that is a pretty dramatic drop especially for a front with just a trace of moisture.
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24 degrees colder in winchester. you can see skies will stay clear throughout the day. we will only get into the 40's with a high temperature. clouds will fill in overnight into early tomorrow morning. notice a couple shots off to the west. that will be possible. i don't think we will squeeze anything out here. today's forecast, mostly sunny and a high temperature between 41 and 46. back to you. >> thank you. prince george's county judge telling a democratic committee to go back to the drawing board to choose a house of delegates representative for the county. the judge ruled tiffany alston could not hold office because she was convicted of misconduct. he also ruled against greg hall. governor o'malley opposed his nomination because he has a criminal past that includes ties to a shooting death. the delegates' seats is considered vacant. >> more than 10 years after the
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d.c. sniper attacks, the wife of john mohammed zahir is speaking out again, his ex-wife. she will talk to katie couric at 4:00 today on abc 7. >> the first family will pull the switch on the national christmas tree. the tradition dates back almost 90 years. that's true president calvin coolidge. there will be performances from baby face and james taylor and jummy olabanji will be hosting capriccio activities. that should be fun. -- the pre-show activities. >> two more hours of news ahead. >> next, the latest on the traffic problem on the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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